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Donna's - In The Attic

Donna's - In The Attic

Donna's - In The Attic






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One-Line Bio

~Cheerfulness is the atmosphere in which all things thrive.~


Hello! My name is Donna Francis and I live in the Texas Panhandle. I have lived in Texas all of my life.

I have so many wonderful memories of my childhood and growing up. I am so fortunate to have been raised by loving, Christian parents. My dad farmed for many years, and I loved getting to work with him. I can't really call it work since it was so much fun. He taught me so much about life. I have wonderful memories of working by his side. He was a very patient and loving man. He has gone to be with the Lord and I truely miss him. The older I get the more respect I have for him. My mother was always by his side. She, like my dad, taught me so much about life and what is really important. She is a wonderful seamstress, cook, gardner, and Mother. She can do anything and do it well. I have learned so much from her and I know I can always depend on her for love and support.

I am the third of four children. I have an older brother and sister and a younger brother. They are all very talented individuals and have loving families. I know I can call on them any time and they will be there for me.

I am married to Garry, my husband of 33 years, my best friend and companion. He is a Measurement Specialist for Trans Canada Pipeline Company. Garry is a very talented man. I don't think there is anything he can't do or wouldn't try to do for me. He is the man I want to spend the rest of my life with. I can't think of a time he has ever discouraged me when I had a dream. I'm sure there are times when he has been working on a project for me, that he would have probably much rather been golfing or fishing, but he would never let me know it. I'm thankful I can share my hopes and dreams with him.

We have two beautiful daughters, Lori and Jana. They have made our lives so much fun. We have so many wonderful memories of them growing up along with us.

Lori is married to Chad, and they have two precious boys. I love being a Mother-In-Law and a Mimi. Tyler is 10 and Kaden is 5. They have brought so much joy to our lives. They do not live far from us so we are able to enjoy the many activities they are involved in. Chad is a rancher and Lori is fortunate to get to help him as well as be at home with the boys. Lori also helps me with my home quilting business. She does a beautiful job machine quilting and piecing Quilts. I love getting to work with her.

Jana is our youngest daughter and is a Graduate of the University of New Mexico. She graduated in August with a Bachlors degree in Radiography and Nuclear Medicine. She is currently working as a PRM for Loveless Medical Center and Presbyterian Hospital in Albuquerque. Jana has just been hired in a full time position with Albuquerque Imaging Center in Nuclear Mammography. I miss her being close, but we keep the phone lines busy. I hope someday she can live closer to us. She loves to quilt and shop for antiques as well. I miss her.

And last but not least, are our three Yorkies, Lucy, Lexus, and Sassy. Since we are now empty nesters, guess who gets all of the attention. I can honestly say they are spoiled. They are so much fun and great company.

I am looking forward to blogging! I hope that I can keep this as one of your favorite blogs that you look forward to reading everyday.

God Bless!


animals, piano, mother, cooking, sewing, flowers, flea markets, cooking out, country, green grass, watching a good movie, drinking a cup of coffee in the early mornings and evenings. i love shopping for antiques and vintage items. i love estate sales, aucitons, and sitting on the porch, and listening to music. i love the 60's, and bluegrass music. i love the outdoors, i love being a wife, and thrift stores. i love my family and friends! i love getting to spend time with them and making wonderful memories! i love life!, mother-in-law and mimi! i love quilting