July 21, 2008


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Hi Donna, I want to do the yoyo thing. Beverly is sending me the kit. I have not found it in this small town. I won't be able to start until next week. I will be watching your instructions. Thanks Donna.

Love ya, Jeanne


I am a little late to the game (Just found your blog yesterday) and someone may have already told you this, but I thought I would tell you anyway, just in case.

I have made a million and one of these stupid things and have learned some tips along the way...

#1 The little lines on the back of the YYM insert line up with the little knobs on the cup. If you lift a tiny corner of the fabric and line up the line and knob the back will snap into place without having to adjust.

#2 if you take an awl and put a whole through the plate where the center bump is, then when you have your yo yo fabric inside you can take a pencil and make a little mark where the center of your yo yo is. When you take the fabric out, gather and knot it, put a little tacking stitch on the pencil mark, it will keep your yo yos centered and even.

I have been working on several projects for about a year now. One is a bolster pillow for my bed, another is a garland from halloween fabrics, and also a table topper from christmas fabrics.

My sister is making a Californial King size quilt, by hand, no little cheater tools. (She's the one that got me started but I like using the YYM.)

Anyway, I am sure I am probably too late for the challenge, but maybe this is the incentive I need to finish these projects up!

Wish I had found your blog a month ago =0)

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