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July 29, 2008


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Not only does that look good your photos are fabulous!!! I love a good Mexican dish. :) Your recipe looks so much better than the tacos I made last night!

take care,


Yum, that looks so good. Is the coconut sweetened? That and pecans are new ideas for Mexican food so we'll have to try it.

Diane@A Picture is Worth

That recipe looks so good! Thanks for posting!


I have to add one ingredient that is also good...GREEN CHILE! of course it is one of New Mexico's finest things but you can buy it in the can at most supermarkets..I LOVE IT!!


That looks really good....thanks for sharing it. I love anything in Mexican food....I think I could just about eat it everyday!!!


Donna, I am making that recipe this week. It looks so good. I love any kind of Mexican salad. Thank you for being so faithful to my posts. Especially when I hardly have time to think straight. I still do not have my yoyo maker. I will be in Raleigh next week, so Beverly is giving me the one she found for me then. I read that one of the girls has her project almost finisheda I so miss not having a JoAnn Fabrics store.

Take care, Jeanne

Viv (VivLyn)

Sounds and looks yummy! I have never heard of crock pot liners! I will have to look for them in the store!


I have seen a version of this called Snow on the Mountain. It's made with gravy and you pile on some of the sam things plus pineapple and coconut! Thanks for sharing.


it looks good enough to eat! lol ... thanks Donna, we will have a family reunion this weekend, i'm bringing this one.


one more thing, Donna, is the coconut the sweet shredded kind? thanks.

Joanne Kennedy

This would be perfect to take to a pot luck. I belong to a cake club that meets up once a month and we take turns bringing food. Guess what I'm going to bring? Yup! This! Thanks.

Kathy  :)

Oh my Donna, the gang is going to love this !!!

Kathy :)


Donna, I'm back to get your recipe. Tonight's the night. It looks soooo good. Can't wait to eat it.
Thanks for sharing,

Love, jeanne

Susan Ramey Cleveland

This looks so good. I'm making it! And thanks for the tip on the crock pot liner. I never heard of it.

Susan Ramey Cleveland

This looks so good. I'm making it! And thanks for the tip on the crock pot liner. I never heard of it.


Donna, your Pile on looks great... we even add chopped pecans to ours. Great recipe. Dee

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