January 30, 2010


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Thanks for the sale Donna, just placed an order, can't wait to play with the pretty fabrics.

Donna Francis

Thank you, Gail!

I appreciate your business!

Thanks for stopping by to visit my Blog and leaving a comment. I will get your order right in the mail.

Please let me know if I can do anything else to help you!


Nola at the Alamo

Your quilt is beautiful; I love those shades of green! I was surprised to see that you were in Texas after seeing all that snow. I keep forgetting just how far north our panhandle is! Stay warm!

Donna Francis

Hi Nola!

Thank you for stopping by to visit! I appreciate your comment!

This is an unusual Snow. We usually have at least one BIG spell per Winter. I am really hoping this will be the last one. I am ready for Spring!

Thanks again and have a GREAT week!



Hello Donna!! It's been a while since we talk last time! Glad to be here! You're store is looking amazing! I always think good thoughts about yoy when I use my giveaway gift from last year's. Hope you're doing just fine. Hugs, Vanessa

Donna Francis

Hi Vanessa!

Good to hear from you! I hope all is going well with you!

Thanks for your comment!


Diana Ferguson

Welcome to Texas-Blogging Gals! I am so glad you found my site.

I know where Canadian is!!

My nephew has a great friend from there. They went to TTU together.

And....my mother's maiden name was Francis. How cool is that.

Will be following you from my main blog, so come over and join me!

Diana Ferguson

Just in case it didn't link up, my main blog is


Donna Francis

Hi Diana!

Thank you for stopping by to visit and leaving a comment! I am glad to be a part of Texas-Blogging Gals. There are already so many interesting Blogs to read. This will be so much FUN. I will be heading to way shortly!

Thank you agin!



I am writing from Spain! I am looking for 3889
shangri-la collection. I have run out of it in the middle of my quilt!!!
If you have it , I would like to buy some, a yard if possible
i hope to hear from you soon

Donna Francis

Hi Belen!

Yes, I do have some of the 3889 11 and 3889 13. 11 is the cream background and 13 is the green background. Just let
me know if one of these will work and I will send you a request for money through Paypal.

Thank you for your inquiry!


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Would you have any 3882 in brown? I need 1.5 yards. Thanks


Donna Francis

Hi Marilyn!

I have checked and I do not have any of that fabric left. I am so sorry!

Please let me know if I can help you in any other way.


Phyllis Ramby

Donna, I am looking for Shangri-la #3881 with a white or cream background. I know it's old but I've used it several times and still love it.

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