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July 18, 2008


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Donna, I have had no time to visit. it is 1:30 AM and I have to go to bed,,I wanted to thank you for your sweet comments on my post today. I think your yoyo embellished dresser scarf is so pretty. I want to make them too. My sister has a quilt out of yoyos. It is so pretty.

Take care, Jeanne


Hi Donna, Your little "pink" yo-yo's are so sweet!...I loved making them as a young girl!...& then making them into pillows or throws!....They come together quickly & have such an old-fashioned charm about them!...Heidi XO


Donna, just back from a mini vacation. Happily pooped! I love your yo yo challenge. I recently got inspired at a Sisters on the Fly outing where I watched one of the gals was make them. I came home and made a dozen of them, now I will get busy and come up with a project to share. :-)


What could be more fun than pink yo-yo's?!!! Years ago I saw a yo-yo throw at my cousin's home, and I loved it.

I'm going out today to find my yo-yo kit because I'm not ready to say I can't do it yet. Never say never. Right?

Happy Pink Saturday.


The colors are your yo-yos are so pretty. I have my supplies (except for the right size yo-yo maker...but that has been ordered). I have no idea what to make with them. I do remember seeing a yo-yo doll that was a clown once. LOL!

Happy Pink Saturday!
take care,


I bought my Yo-yo maker yesterday so I'm ready to go. I saw a really cute Christmas tree made out of maybe 15-20 yo-yos from maybe an inch to 4 inches.


Those yo-yo's are so pretty and it looks like you are doing a great job! Hope you have a wonderful Pink Saturday!

ellen b

Shows you what I know about yo-yo's I was expecting the other kind with string that go up and down. I might just have to tune in and see the instructions on how to make this kind of yo-yo
Yours are great btw!

Debbie inCalif.

What a GREAT combination, pink yo yo's. It would be beautiful to see an all pink yo you quilt with different shades of pink. Wow! Love your blog.
Blessings, Debbie


Oh I love these, I used to make them when I was younger and haven't in years! Maybe I should get with the program and start doingthem again, how super fun!!! :) xoxox!


How pretty! I used to make these with my grandmother when I was young, and they were so much fun! This brings back sweet memories! ~Rhonda :)


So pretty. Now I really can't wait for Monday.

Teresa@PlumWater Cottage

So cute! As I continue to organize crafts and scraps, I've set aside some for yo-yo making.


So charming!


So charming!


So charming!


Hi Donna! I love what you've done with the pink yo yos. I've made them before, but it's been a long time ago. What a pretty way to dress up the Battenburg lace.
Be a pink Sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Lynn @ theVintageNest

Love your cute yoyo's. I plan on coming back for your tutorial. I would like to learn how to make them and use them on my vintage pillowcase dresses. See ya Monday. ~ Lynn


Hi, Donna! I used to make them in school. They would make great garlands for Christmas or dishtowel edgings. I'm up for the challenge. Till Monday then!


Oh, I love your pink yo-yos! I have made some already, only a couple, a lady at church taught us how one night at our craft night. The only problem is, I can't make a small knot! My knots are the ugliest you have ever seen! Everybody laughed and thought it was so funny because I do elaborate counted cross stitch, but you don't make knots for that! Anyway, I just may take the challenge and try it again! Maybe by the time I finish something my knots will have improved! (I can sew a button on by hand or make a repair, but I always have this big old lumpy knot! ugh!)


HEllo Donna!

Happy PINK Saturday! I LOVE to make Yo Yo's to!!!!!! I carry them in a bag to appointments and sew away! I met so many people because they ask what am I sewing! You did a great job first time at it!


Anne Fannie

Hi Donna, your yo-yos looks great!
Love, Ann

Anne Fannie

Hi Donna, your yo-yos looks great!
Love, Ann


I have never made yo-yos. Now, I am interested. I will check back on Monday! Thanks Donna !


love the yo-yos. made a bunch when i was in high school but didn't finish my projects-maybe one day!! i also own two yo-yo quilts. when i think of the time and love that went into those it blows my mind. have a great pink week and have fun with the yo-yos too!!


I started making yo-yo's a few years ago and was able to make two throw pillows... i have to go find them. They were put away because i was not happy with the result.


Happy Sunday Donna, I just wanted to let you know that I would LOVE to be part of your "YO-YO Challenge" tomorrow!...I have made "yo-yo's" for years & have everything I need, except the "yo-yo" template/maker?...I didn't even know anything like that existed??...Where have I been?...I have alwys used various sizes of china saucers to get the desired size!....I can't wait my freind...will see you tomorrow!.....Heidi XO

Viv (VivLyn)

What a lovely project! For your first yo-yos they certainy look great to me!I still want to join in the challenge, but haven't gotten the template. I might just have to find it online and be a bit behind everyone else. Patooie!


I do have some ideas that I could use for some yo-yo's. I will give it a try!

Marcia, marcia, marcia

Hi Donna :) I've found your blog via Beverly and I would love to join your yo-yo challenge. I'm not sure what I will make with them, I'm thinking possibly a purse/tote, maybe a wallhanging or a table runner-the ideas are endless!
Your blog is wonderfully inspiring. Thanks for sharing it :)

Karen C

I love what you have done with the yo yo's. I'm interested to know what your challenge will be.

Diane@A Picture is Worth

Hi Donna,
I'm just now getting around to all the Pink Sat. posts....I would love to make something with the yo yo's!

I love your piece!


I am so glad I discovered you. I have been making yo-yo quilts for the past five years and I would like to join your challenge


I forgot to ask...what is the challenge?

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