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June 29, 2010


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Suzanne Hampton

I see a home for Moda Bake Shop goodies!!

Donna and Garry Francis

Exactly! Wont it be Perfect!

Thank you for your comment Suzanne!



Donna you found an incredibly beautiful find! The price was perfect! Anne



I have a Hoosier that I had stripped ... and there it sits. Now I have a place for it and can't decide whether to paint it or have it stained (not sure I could do that myself). If I paint it I'll have to decide on a color!!

Anyway, I decided to do a Google image search to see what's out there and came across your blog.

So, did you prime this before you painted? If not, why not? If so, what type of paint did you use as primer AND for the color.

I LOVE the way you finished this and cannot believe you "stole" it for $15.00. Congrats!

Thanks so much,

Donna and Garry Francis

Thank you for your inquiry!

When I got this hoosier cabinet, it was painted yellow. I didnt care for it at all. I was trying to decide whether to keep it or sell it. I decided to give it a quick coat of burgandy paint to see how it would look. I wasnt satisfied with it at all so I got my electric sander out and got after it. The more I sanded, the better I liked it.

It really wasnt anything that was planned out, it just happened!

Good Luckwith your project!


Shelli Thomas

What a steal!! I bet yiu stood there trying to hold back your happiness!! Good Job..Shelli

Donna and Garry Francis

YES!. . . . and I love it ! ! !

Thanks for your comment Shelli!


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